boston baked beans



16 OZ, ONE POUND (453g) BAG

Original Boston Baked Beans candy is made using the cold panned candy process by Ferrara. Ferrara Pan is known for making the highest quality and best tasting sugar coated peanuts in the world. Boston Baked Beans aren’t really baked beans; they’re candy-coated peanuts, made the way they’ve always been made. The just look like Boston Baked Bean only a lot sweeter.

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Our Boston Baked Beans aren’t really beans, they are the original candy coated peanuts manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company. Ferrara Pan makes the best Boston Baked Beans in the candy business. Boston Baked Beans candy has been a movie theater favorite snack for generations.

Ferrara Pan starting making Boston Baked Beans in the early 1930’s and they have made the Original Boston Baked Bean candy ever since.

Approximately 400 Boston Baked Beans per pound.